The Keep was born out of a desire to create products with minimum negative impact on the world and avoid the exploitation of both people and animals. I have always been environmentally conscious and have been a vegan for five years. I wanted to create a range of gifts and products that are vegan and sustainable as well as being beautifully designed and made. I want to make caring about ethics not a question of compromising on style.

I am based in Somerset in the UK and take my inspiration from the natural landscape around me, turning sketches into prints and prints into products, all in order to produce a range of gifts and accessories that are just as stylish as they are ethical. 

I will be updating the range throughout the year with seasonal additions and brand-new designs so be sure to check back regularly. For now, all that’s left to say is I hope you’ll enjoy browsing and that you come across something special. Something to give to a loved one or something just for you to treasure and to keep.

Helen x